Netstor NT-NA221A-NB TurboBoxMini ExpressCard 34

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Netstor NT-NA221A-NB TurboBoxMini ExpressCard 34

Single External PCI Express Enclosure, with ExpressCard34 host card, cable, external 80W power adapter

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Netstor NT-NA221A-NB TurboBoxMini ExpressCard 34

External Single PCI Express Enclosure
Netstor’s TurboBox-mini™ NA221A is a plug-and-play external PCIe(ePCIe) expansion device that is designed for attaching a PCIe card to a laptop or desktop PC. With the feature of easy and high mobility, TurboBox-mini™ allows users to integrate the power of PCIe card and computer into a dynamic, flexible, and mobile workstation. By adding the PCIe card to TurboBox-mini™ and connecting it to a laptop via ExpressCard 34 and cable, a moderate laptop can be turned into a powerful/scientific computer, or an audio/video editing workstation for professionals.

New CPU Microarchitecture Compatible
The new TurboBox-mini™ NA221A is compatible with most current PCIe 2.0/Gen 2 specification as well as Intel’s latest processor microarchitecture. As TurboBox-mini™ NA221A works with current Intel’s chipset laptop, the ExpressCard 34 connector supports throughput up to 5 Gb/s; as working with desktop PC, the PCIe host card supports throughput up to 20 Gb/s, providing fast and reliable data throughput as well as bandwidth for users in different fields.

High Bandwidth with Fast Transmission Rat
Based on latest PCIe 2.0/Gen 2 technology as well as Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, TurboBox-mini™ provides a solution of zero latency connectivity with a maximum throughput of 5 Gbps or 500 MB/s when connecting with a laptop, or with a maximum throughput of 20 Gbps or 2,000 MB/s as connecting with a desktop PC. The convenient TurboBox-mini™ features light weight, supporting double width PCIe cards, available for any x1, ×4, ×8 and ×16 PCI Express standard length card.

  • Supports One PCI-Express Card with maximum double width space
  • High-strength Aluminum housing with light and compact features
  • Dedicated Power Supply and Cooling System
  • Laptop ExpressCard34 & Desktop PCI-Express Host Adapter supported
  • Easy Installation and No Driver Requirement
Host Interface          External PCI Express 2.0(Backward PCI Express 1.0 Compatible)
No. of Slot(s) One PCI-Express slot with double width space
Material Aluminum Housing
Power Supply Universal 80W Power Adapter
(AC Input: 100-240V, 50~60Hz / DC Output:+12V / 6.67A)
Cooling Two 40x40x10 mm Cooling Fans
LED Display Power On — Blue
Dimension Model: NA221A
Case Size: 10(D) x7.8(W)x2.28(H) inch /
254(D)x198(W)x58(H) mm
Card Length Available: 8.6-inch(L) / 218 mm(L)
O.S Support No Driver Requirement for TurboBox-mini™
System Requirement One ExpressCard 34/54 for laptop
One PCI Express x4 slot for Desktop