ez-PRO матричный свитчер / микшер LMTV-VM6 lumantek

115,413.56 руб.

ez-PRO матричный свитчер / микшер LMTV-VM6 lumantek  6 входа HD-SDI и 4 выхода HD-SDI

Matrix + Video Switcher ez-Pro

Интегрированная система сочетает преимущества  матриц и видео свитчеров!

  • A Hybrid-Switcher extracting the key advantages from traditional Matrix/Switchers
  • Point of Comprise between Matrix/AV Switchers: 6 x SD/HD-SDI Input and 4 x SD/HD-SDI output
  • Simultaneous 'SEAMLESS' Multi-Channel (4) switching supported
  • Auxiliary output supported for the Presenter View + Preview supported (HDMI 1080P, 720P, 576P, 480P)
  • Optional Fill & Key system and Ultra-handy H/W console which cannot be found in this price category
  • Embedded Analog Audio: Stereo XLR
Артикул: LMTV-VM6 Категория:


Характеристики свитчера — ez-Pro 6×4 Seamless Matrix Switcher (model:VM6)

Video Input: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x6
Fill Input(Option): SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x1
Key Input(Option): SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x1
Audio Input: Stereo XLR x2
Video Output: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x4
Multiview Output: HDMI x1, (1080P @60/50, 720p @ 60/50, 576P @50, 480P @60)
Internal Processing: 4:2:2 10bit
Resolution supported
1920 x 1080i @ 59.94/60/50
1280 x 720p @ 59.94/60/50
720 x 576i @ 50 (625i)
720 x 480i @ 59.94 (525i)
Control Buttons @ Front: Input select x6, Output select x4, Menu select x1
LCD @ Front: Status & Control
Large ‘L’ logo LED @ Front: Easy to Identify Device Status
USB @ Rear: Easy to use GUI application, Firmware Update
Dimension:44(H) X 483(W) X 240(D)(excluding connectors)
Power Input: 115~240VAC @ 50/60Hz, Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
Power Consumption: 30W(max.), Weight: 3.1 kg


Вес 3.1 kg


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